Plane Landing

In the homes of many Christian families there is a battle being fought for the hearts and souls of the younger generation. Everywhere around us we see young people whose love for the world and themselves has pushed aside their relationship with the Lord. The reality is that many parents struggle to know how to pilot their families through this turbulent time when their teens ask, “Do I believe what I believe because I believe it, or because it is what I’ve always been taught?”

Sure, these same parents guided their children well through their pre-teen years. However, once their children are in flight and headed for adulthood, dad and mom often stall. It is as if they, the parents, are flying blind. How do you guide them through their FINAL APPROACH into successful adulthood where responsibility, maturity and honor meet wisdom and a strong personal relationship with the Lord? Final Approach is a weekend conference designed to help parents learn the skills for discipling their teens, while encouraging young people to make their faith their own. Join us for two days of eye-opening and encouraging instruction, challenge and discipleship.

Refuse to fly blind. This generation CAN be redeemed for Christ if we act NOW.